Drone Remote Pilot Training Course

Youth Program: 16 – 19-year-olds, currently attending high school
Adult Programs: 18+ year-olds, in college, employed or seeking employment
Each cohort includes a minimum of 5 participants

Multi-phased approach resulting in participant obtaining FAA Certified Remote Pilot License within 6 weeks

  • Payment of FAA testing fee
  • All equipment needed for the completion of the course is included for each participant
  • Integration of web-based learning, in-person instruction, group, and individual mentoring
  • Simulator Drone Flight Training
  • Indoor & outdoor Drone Flight Practice
  • Easy to follow step-by-step process for participants to complete required assignments
  • Certificate of Completion at the end of each phase
  • Integration of Drone Education and Remote Pilot Skills Training with games, such as Drone Soccer
  • Five paid Drone flight jobs for each participant @ $25 per Flight (after successful licensure)
  • “Job-ready” Certificate upon program completion for graduates to engage in additional employer-required skilled training, or to pursue drone business ownership track
  • Ongoing individual mentorship, during and after the completion of the program


  • Drone-related jobs are becoming more and more in demand. Average wages range from $15/HR to $500/HR.
  • The Drone Company’s purpose is to ensure citizens and businesses in underrepresented communities have access to emerging drone technology. When people have marketable skills and the latest business tools, this enhances the quality of life for cities as a whole.
  • Having the drone training and skills to fly will lead to upwardly mobile jobs. The top 3 applied methods for the use of drones as reported by The Drone Industry Barometer are jobs for inspection, mapping & surveying, and photography & filming.
  • Participants under age 18 must be referred by a Guidance Counsellor, Employer, Community Liaison, or Friend of the Library.
  • Participants must obtain their own transportation to and from designated training location(s), although many of the sessions are virtual via zoom.


$3,500 per Participant.

Applications for scholarships are available.

Drone soccer games, optional, depending on availability

Call (901) 413-1315 to start the journey.


Full Payment:


OR Contact Nita – Info@thedronecompany.com

for payment arrangements or available scholarships.

Employee Training

Employee Training

We provide test prep and training for professionals to employers who want their teams ready for Drone flight. Many employers have already purchased and deployed drones in the workplace, but find they need more Licensed FAA Part 107 UAV PIlots. This course is an excellent program to get your entire team licensed and provide professional experience.

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Private Coach

Private Coach

Private coaches are available for those who are experienced or new Drone Pilots. This training will help students increase proficiency and/or find their place in the world of “Drone Work.” We also advise students on the best Drone purchase to accomplish the required work.

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