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Welcome to THE DRONE COMPANY in Memphis, TN.

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Our clients are individuals who want to learn how to fly commercially and have fun flying.


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We train the workforce and businesses for jobs that can use drone skills and are needed for economic growth in the community.

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At The Drone Company, we teach professionals how to use Drones in their work and society.

  • We understand that younger tech-savvy people join the workforce daily and it’s hard for some of us to compete for new job opportunities.
  • We help you overcome the barriers to becoming a licensed drone pilot.
  • We listen to what you say, the things that you are good at and that you enjoy, and then match you with new opportunities using drone skills that are exciting and fun.

Learn to Fly and Pass the FAA Part 107 Pilot Test:

Schedule a FREE 30-minute discovery call with Nita. She listens to your needs and starts you on the path to enhancing your work skills using emerging Drone technology.


Our clients are individuals who want to learn how to fly commercially and have fun flying.  We work with professionals, firms, workforce agencies, non-profits, drone industry partners, and large corporations who want to integrate the use of drones into business operations. 





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Memphis, TN



Our Professional Team helps students on several levels. Students will study for the FAA Part 107 test, learn to fly drones well, and work towards rewarding work with a mentor.

Nita Black

Co-Founder & Business Strategist

Cedric Divine

Chief Pilot
Soaring to Success, Inc.

Brent David

Pilot & Trainer

Celeste Harris

Pilot & Trainer

Suzan David

Pilot & Trainer

Jocelyn Madison

Pilot in Training & Visual Observer

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Connect with employers and drone jobs that you enjoy and love.  (901) 413-1315

Remote Pilot Training

Remote Pilot Training

This is our signature program for new Drone pilots. It includes prep for the FAA Part 107 Licensure test, simulator practice, and live Drone flight with experienced UAV Pilots. We have a Youth Program of 16 – 19-year-olds, currently attending high school, and an Adult Program of 18+ year-olds, in college, employed or seeking employment.

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Employee Training

Employee Training

We provide test prep and training for professionals to employers who want their teams ready for Drone flight. Many employers have already purchased and deployed drones in the workplace, but find they need more Licensed FAA Part 107 UAV PIlots. This course is an excellent program to get your entire team licensed and provide professional experience.

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Private Coach

Private Coach

Private coaches are available for those who are experienced or new Drone Pilots. This training will help students increase proficiency and/or find their place in the world of “Drone Work.” We also advise students on the best Drone purchase to accomplish the required work.

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